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Staff Unit for the Bonn Research Alliance (BORA)

The Bonn Research Alliance (BORA) was established by the University of Bonn in 2018 to intensify inter-institutional cooperation between university and non-university as well as basic and applied research and to provide it with a structural underpinning. The staff unit for Bonn Research Alliance (BORA), established in 2023 in the Rectorate, is responsible for the structure-building intensification of cooperation. Our work is based on two pillars: network and science management and communication management.

As a staff unit, we are also active in the BORA Leadership Forum of the member institutions. We also engage in dialogue and cooperation with various specialist and administrative departments of the member institutions on a topic- and event-related basis.

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What's in BORA?

The currently twelve member institutions of non-university research look back on a long history of bilateral cooperation with the University of Bonn in research projects (especially in Collaborative Research Centers and Clusters of Excellence) as well as graduate programs. In addition, there are numerous joint initiatives in the network of members. The University of Bonn wants to consolidate and present these remarkable achievements in cooperation more strongly and expand them along common goals.

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What does the staff unit do?

The staff unit is responsible for the structure-building intensification of cooperation for BORA. Our work is based on two pillars:

  • Network and science management (steering cooperation along jointly developed goals, implementing them in dialog with member institutions) and
  • communication management (establishment of joint public relations in digital and social media).
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Information preparation

The staff unit is responsible for the compilation and processing of information about the close cooperation of the university with non-university research in the Bonn region. It also gladly supports events, meetings or workshops with various materials such as


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BORA Leadership Forum

The members of the BORA Leadership Forum meet regularly to exchange views on key current developments in the scientific landscape and the region as well as on topics of cooperation. The forum also serves to develop and coordinate common goals and strategies.

As a driver of collaboration, the staff unit actively participates in the forum of leaders from the member institutions.

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Meet & Greet

The staff unit has made it its business to bring people together in BORA. At our Meet & Greets, people come together who, for example, have the same area of work or deal with the same and/or similar topics in their daily work. For starters, we bring together colleagues from public relations, science management and coordination. Together we develop ideas, formats and exchange best practices. 

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Shaping collaboration together

We speak with colleagues in non-university research institutions as well as with the University of Bonn about needs and opportunities for collaboration. The staff unit therefore deals with cross-cutting institutional concerns as well as with overarching topics that are relevant for the entire scientific landscape in Bonn. It provides support, for example, on request and for strategically meaningful fields of research and action with the aim of creating added value for Bonn's scientific landscape.

Contact for Network & Science Management

I take care of the development and expansion of network structures and am in close dialog with the BORA member institutions. Concerns about cooperation, processes between institutions and project initiatives are in good hands with me.

Avatar Gilgan

Dr Sandra Gilgan

Head of Unit

Room 2.006

Dechenstr. 3-11

D-53115 Bonn

Contact for Communication & Public Relations

I am responsible for communications management in the unit for BORA. I take care of the website and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as information materials (flyers, brochures).

Avatar Kliemann

Una Kliemann

Communications Manager

Room 2.006

Dechenstr. 3-11

D-53115 Bonn

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