Degree Programs
Degree Programs

Joint Education Programs

Well-educated students and young scientists are a are a pre-condition for securing research competence, innovative capacity and academic education in the long term. The University of Bonn and BORA members cooperate in teaching through joint chairs and in-depth courses. The cooperation is particularly multifaceted in the education of students and young scientists.


joint Education Programs


Graduate Programs


Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Colleagues from BORA member institutions and the University of Bonn work closely together in joint international, interdisciplinary and continuing education master's programs.

Master programs by and with BORA members are located in three thematic areas: (1) Sustainable Futures, (2) Medicine, Health & Life Sciences, and (3) Digitalization, AI & Computing.

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Graduate Programs

Colleagues from BORA member institutions participate in graduate programs based at the University of Bonn (Bonn International Graduate Schools, BIGS), the university is involved in cooperative programs such as the International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS) and in the graduate programs of the Clusters of Excellence (Cluster Schools), the university and non-university research also work closely together.

Graduate programs by and with BORA members are based in five thematic areas: (1) Astronomy and Physics(2) Mathematics(3) Economics(4) Medicine, Health, Life Sciences, and (5) Sustainable Futures.

Doctoral candidates who research and work in BORA member organizations but receive their doctorate from the University of Bonn can use services of the Bonn Graduate Center (BGZ). In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to ask!

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The University of Bonn and members in BORA conduct joint research in innovative and international research projects.  


The University of Bonn and BORA members have a large number of joint professorships.

Research Infrastructure

Collaborative approaches make the infrastructure needed for cutting-edge research accessible to many researchers.

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