15. February 2024

Meet and Greet International Affairs Meet & Greet International Affairs

Co-Organized by the Staff Unit for the Bonn Research Alliance (BORA) and the Welcome Center of the University of Bonn

Meet & Greet International Affairs
Meet & Greet International Affairs © Bernadette Yehdou / Universität Bonn
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Are you working in the field of international affairs (management or adinistration)? Do you deal with all matters relating to international employees, guests, welcome services and the like? 

Then we would like to invite you to a collegial exchange in the field of international affairs and make use of the close neighbourhood in the Bonn Research Alliance (BORA)!

The 12 institutions coming together in BORA are structured and set up very differently, and this also applies to their International Services. There may be individual colleagues who take on sub-tasks, small teams or large departments that offer a wide range of services and support for colleagues who come to Bonn from abroad.

At the same time, the information and service needs of international colleagues are probably quite similar.

The aim of the collegial exchange is 

-          to get to know each other,

-          to gain insights into how the above-mentioned areas are organized in the various institutions,

-          to discuss what information material is available for international colleagues and what information is needed,

-          to exchange information about who provides which services, and which offers can also be used by other institutions,

-          to discuss current challenges and give tips,

-          to know who is on the other end of the phone if you need advice in everyday business.

If you are interested, please register in this Doodle until March 8, 2024.

We look forward to the exchange!

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